Saturday, December 6, 2008

The 5th Day of Christmas


So sorry about no post yesterday, I had intended on uploading something when I got back from work but we ended up going to see Max Payne and time just escaped me!

I'll continue with the countdown today. I'm uploading this picture first but come back later to see my UGG boot!

A couple of things first. I got the template here, free! My intention had been to put a CD or something similar into it but it really is too small, which disappointed me a tad but this will be perfect for giftcards!

Seriously, I'm always a tad let down when I find a giftcard inside a card. I want a pretty box, something to open and this is a great alternative and it only uses 1.5 pieces of cardstock.

My special for today is: buy all 6 in-color ink pads and receive 1 ink pad free!

Thanks for looking!

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